CTRC backyard Series

Posted by Richard Robbins on

CTRC in Menifee California is having their second round of the backyard series on a fresh layout this weekend. No better old school  racing in the Country. Track got a fresh rebuild and I'm sure good times will follow. 15 first class 15 additional. Trackmate transponders will be used and I will have some for sale for $30 at the race. 

Also that morning SCMT will be having a monster truck race at CTRC on Banana Bluff. i've been working on my truck "Tiki Sam" for the last week getting the axial chassis dialed in with a Hobbystar 120 Amp ESC and fire breathing Tenshock 540 5200KV 4 pole motor. Soon it will also be running PR racing 100mm shocks, for more tunability over the stock axial units.  


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