A2.1 Tactic body (clear) w/ front scoop for Mugen MBX8 nitro buggy BACKORDER ONLY 7-14 days to ship

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The A2.1 body and front scoop for the Mugen MBX8 1:8 nitro buggy is a one off design from the original LFR Assassin body. The new         A2.1 not only delivers a great new look and tuning option, but is also designed to work with and fit the MBX8 eco electric buggy.

  Three changes in total have been made to the new design. First is the addition of the cowl scoops on the side pods. Depending on the performance your looking for, these can be left alone to add to the overall down force of the car, or you can choose to drill them out for additional cooling. 

   New for LFR is the addition of the roof fin. The advantage is more stability in high speed sections of the track, giving the MBX8 a better and more precise feel throughout the car.

  The final upgrade is the addition of down force added to both of the rear side pods. This helps to keep the car planted and provide more level jumping. With the new A2.1 design from LFR, racers now have an option to better suit their tuning needs for a variety of track surfaces for their MBX8 nitro and electric buggies.

  The new A2.1 body for the Mugen MBX8 is available in both light weight or standard thickness'. Each body is sold in clear, including window masks, stickers and ready for paint.   

*One off design of the Assassin and A2 Tactic bodies
*Cowl scoops for added down force and/or cooling
*Top fin added for stability
*Additional down force added to rear side pods
*Available in light weight or standard thickness'

*Includes front wing

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