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The Blackbird is packed with so many different features all rolled up in one package! First up are the pin sizes, varying from small square pins, medium rectangle pins, to larger rectangle pins resulting in more grip, in more conditions. The Blackbird also features "reliefs" around the tire to help move dust quicker, this can be especially useful when a track is in the transition stage and has dust on the groove before it becomes "polished" and clean. Lastly is the directional sidewall designs. One side features angled outer pins for more side grip, while the opposite side features a connected bar design that will remove side grip in rough conditions when your car is "edgy".

  • Advanced carcass design
  • 3 pin sizes
  • "Relief" cuts throughout tire
  • Directional sidewall patterns
  • Includes Advanced Cell inserts
  • Available in SS, S, SSLW, and SLW compounds

Includes 2 tires 2 Inserts

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