Dragon IV Edition 2 .21 3-Port Pre Break-In Nitro Engine

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The is a 3 port 3.5cc off-road pre break-in engine. It only requires a few tanks of fuel, run easily in your car for the final break-in process. At that point you are ready to hit the track and go racing, providing a huge savings in time and money.

Based on the Dragon IV engine, this engine includes both the injector backplate and 7.5mm Pro carburetor. This is a pre break-in, 3 port engine designed to the highest specification.


Injector backplate: It assists the fuel flow from the crankcase to the combustion chamber by pulsing fuel through the backplate in a more effective manor. The result is a much quicker return to idle and an improvement of fuel efficiency, benefits that all racers will appreciate.

Carburetor: This is a 7.5mm bore size. It has been developed to allow for extended run time and even smoother throttle control. 

The crankcase has been redesigned to improve the efficiency of intake and exhaust, the flow of fuel from the carburetor to the combustion chamber, and this results in less losses and greater fuel efficiency, furthermore, an increase in engine power.

Ceramic bearings: Reduced friction, lower weight, improved longevity.

The high quality material ceramic bearings are fitted as standard to the Dragon IV, and with less drag, more energy can be applied to the wheels. It’s reduced friction, lower weight for reducing the drag, and increasing the engine power and the speed-up function.


DEC Crankshaft: Reduced engine vibration, resist wear, good lubricity.

The new version of DEC Crankshaft, has the Alpha Patent – Dynamic Equilibrium, which can efficiently balance the inertial force from piston pin, from conrod, and from crankshaft rotation, to reduce the vibration of engine and to increase the engine power. The timing on the crankshaft has been altered for more power and a more linear power delivery has been achieved when combined with the new piston and liner.



Redesign air intake can provide the fuel efficiency, more power and a more linear power been delivered.


Piston Pin:  The piston pin improves the hardness surface and the durability in order to reduce the possibility of bending, also made very light.


Cooling head: the new cooling head adds one more layer, but has been lowered for improved center of gravity in order to handling of the car, whilst keeping good natural cooling effects when positioned in car.




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