Raw Speed Slick - Stadium Truck Tires w/Inserts (1 pr)

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Super Mini - Stadium Truck Tires w/Inserts (1 pr) (100409)

The Slick, Stadium Truck tire is the ideal tire for ultra high grip surfaces where slicks are required. Slick can be seen on the fastest stadium trucks out on the course in any 1/10th ST division with an astounding 5 different rubber compounds available. Made in the USA. The Slick 100401 rear tire fits industry standard 2.2” rear truck rim dimensions and work awesome both indoors and outdoors. Slick Stadium Truck tires come with a pair of high quality closed cell foam inserts.

Compatible Trucks: Team Associated AE RC10T6.2 RC10T 6.1 Team Losi 22T Schumacher Storm ST Traxxas Rustler 2WD 4WD 4x4 JATO 3.3 VXL Tekno ET410 ET410.2 Xray XT2D Tamiya Blackfoot Kyosho RT6


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