Dirt-00 X Buggy 2 Pieces

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We evolved some tires and designs for all drivers, the DIRT-00 model is a different tire from its brothers, it is the least used, very interesting for those tracks with a lot of dust and dirt.

The New X Compound, are available for all our tires, we have modified the raw material to achieve a longer duration, much more Grip, less overheating, we also eliminated the LONG WEAR compound to replace it with CLAY GRIP, it fulfills the same functions for high tracks wear and in situations where CLAY is used, these changes are improving the tires and their performance by 30%

🟢 Green Dot / Ultra Soft X
🔵 Blue Dot / Super Soft X
🟡 Yellow Dot / Super Soft X Clay Grip ( Long wear )
🟠 Orange Dot / Soft X Clay Grip ( Long wear )

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