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The all-new HobbyStar 220A 1/8 Competition ESC finally brings the extensive features and buttery-smooth operation of the HobbyStar 1/10 race ESC's into a 1/8 package. Features fully-adjustable turbo and boost timing which is a feature not typically found on 1/8 ESC's.  This ESC sets a new standard for 1/8 ESC's with an extensive list of available adjustments not found on most 1/10 ESC's, much less 1/8 ESC's.  Also features an adjustable BEC with either 6V or 7.4V output at 8A. The HobbyStar 220A ESC sets a new standard for 1/8 ESC's, and does so at an unbelievable price. 


NOTE: NOT for use with Tenshock motors.


 ESC comes with power and motor leads already soldered on, and an integrated triple capacitor bank.  

  Available Adjustments:

  • Running Mode: Forward/brake, forward/reverse/brake and forward/reverse
  • Cutoff Voltage: Auto or by voltage
  • ESC Overheat Protection Setting: By temperature
  • Motor Rotation: Normal/reverse
  • Race Mode and Stock Mode: Provide targeted base-profiles for both under 10.5T motors and 10.5T and above
  • Dead Band: By percentage
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V @8A
  • Throttle IP limiter: To control initial power hit based on track conditions
  • Throttle Rate: Controls overall throttle power for varying track conditions
  • Drive Frequency: To fine-tune the throttle feeling from smooth to aggressive
  • RPM Lock: Allows locking in a specific RPM for drifting applications
  • Throttle Curve: Linear or custom
  • Initial Brake: By percentage
  • Drag Brake: By percentage
  • Brake Force: By percentage
  • I-Brake Response: Controls the initial brake power response to the motor for varying track conditions
  • Brake Rate: Controls overall brake power for varying track conditions
  • Brake Frequency: To fine-tune the brake feeling from smooth to aggressive
  • Brake Curve: Linear or custom
  • Boost Timing: By degrees
  • Boost Trigger Level: 1-50
  • Boost Trigger Rate: To set the speed of boost timing application
  • Turbo Timing: By degrees
  • Turbo Actuation: Method
  • Turbo Delay: By time
  • Turbo Start RPM: RPM
  • Turbo On-Rate: 1-10
  • Turbo Off-Rate: Instant-10

 Programming: Must use the 160A & 220A LCD Program Card or Starlink USB link and PC application to program ESC.


    • Continuous Current: 220A
    • Burst Current: 1000A
    • Resistance: 0.0003ohm
    • Suitable Car: 1/8
    • Motor Type: Brushless sensored or sensorless 
    • Cell Count: 2-6S LiPo, 8-S NiCd/NiMh
    • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V@8A
    • Motor Limits :
      • 2-4S Lipo KV≤3000, 2-6Poles
      • 2-6S Lipo KV≤2400, 2-4Poles
    • Dimensions (without fan): 55x40x20mm
    • Weight: 140g 


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