Raw Speed Slick - Short Course Truck Tires w/Inserts (1 pr)

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Slick - SCT / No-Prep Drag Tires w/Inserts 2.2x3" (1 pr) (100501)

Raw Speed Short Course / "No-Prep" Slicks - These unbelted tires are designed for smooth high grip surfaces such as blacktop and concrete. Made in the USA these No Prep Tires 100501 come 2 tires per package, high quality closed cell inserts are included. Precision made these well balanced tires have a smooth inside which makes it easy for mods such as strapping. These tire mount to any standard sc or no prep drag racing rim or wheel with the industry spec of 2.2x3.0” diameters.

Compatible cars: Team Associated AE DR10 Losi 22S Traxxas Drag Slash Dragrace Concepts Maverick


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