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The SWORKz S35-4E 1/8 Electric is designed for pure racing. 

The geometry of the car provides optimized corner speed compared with easy handling and maximum traction. The S35-4E features a T7075 hard anodized and lightened aluminum chassis with a wide layout that was tested for a long time by our factory pilots to guarantee the best performance. 

The totally new developed HET differentials are included too and provide a traction, that is not possible with old systems. We also included the new special middle brace system. The new S35-4E comes with a lower shock layout in front and rear and the construction of the shocks is adapted to that new optimized layout. The fixed shock spring plates will make it almost impossible to lose them anymore. The steering geometry, with new Ackerman and steering plates, gives the driver the feeling of total control over the S35-4E. The position of the steering servo is completely redesigned and optimized. 

With the toe in plates, which now contain square inserts, you can adjust the geometry of your SWORKz S35-4E to fit to every track layout and track condition. Lower arms in front and rear are made of a newly developed composite material and fit exactly to the new chassis geometry. Side guards were redesigned in the same way. With the new lightened wing support you can adjust position and angle of the wing to give your SWORKz S35-4E the perfect balance on the track.

Together with the optimized new body shell, the aerodynamic system is working perfectly together. Another new development in our SWORKz S35-4E is the totally new rear hub. Composite material combined with Carbon plates gives you the possibility for various setups. The newly developed Composite material is working perfectly together with the HET differentials to provide maximum traction. 

The new designed Motor mount makes it possible to change very easily the motor or adjust the play of the gears. There many more small changes and smart ideas in your new SWORKz S35-4E, that make the car being a real winner. The secret of a modern racing car is the possibility to adapt the setup to every track for top pilots but also have a standard setup that works on most tracks for hobby pilots. And your SWORKz S35-4E is having these two characteristics in perfection. 

The SWORKz development team focused on using materials, corresponding to the highest quality standards, when designing the car. You will find only 100% SWORKz quality in the S35-4E kit. 

_ New T7075 Hard Anodized, Lightend Aluminum Chassis 

_ New Wide Chassis Design 

_ New Easy Change Motor Mounting Plate 

_ New Lower Shock Towers 

_ New Shorter Shock Bodies 

_ New Shorter Shock Shafts 

_ New Shock Caps 

_ New Shorter Front Shock Springs 

_ New Fixed Shock Spring Holder 

_ New 3mm Updated Rear Shock Studs 

_ New Steering Servo Position 

_ New Ackerman Plate 

_ New Steering System 

_ New Servo Saver Aluminum Part 

_ New Servo Saver Fixable Nut 

_ New Servo Saver Plate 

_ New Servo Saver Post Locking Design 

_ New Steering Balls 

_ New Steering Knuckle Plates 

_ New Updated Toe In Plates with Square Inserts 

_ New Lightweight Wing Mount 

_ New Side Guards 

_ New Lower Front and Rear Arms 

_ New Body Posts Front and Rear 

_ New Composite Rear Hubs with Carbon Plates 

_ New Multi Adjustable Ball System for Rear Upper Arms 

_ New Anti-clock Screws for Shocks 

_ New Aerodynamically Optimized Body Shell 

_ 3 HET Differentials Included 

_ Special Middle Brace System included 

_ Black Competition Shock Springs included 

_ Adjustable Wing Position 

_ Adjustable Wing Angle 

_ More Balance Weight Positions 

_ Stronger Downstop Area 

_ Optimized Composite Material 

_ Aluminum Parts in T7075

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